Boobward's return

No sunburns today, but it' is just amazing how much energy gets sucked out of you when you just lay around in the heat for three hours. Or maybe it was the sheer number of people walking around in bikinis who really, really, shouldn't be wearing bikinis. *shudder*

Boobward shall be returning shortly, I'm sure. Poor betas have a rough job of getting through people's stuff. If you do it, kudos to you. I barely have the patience to edit my own shit, let alone someone else's. I promise there is more smut in this chapter to make up for the lack of smut in chapter 26.

So, do ya think Surviving Bella's Edward/Anthony is a little on the crass side? :)

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  1. First time I've posted here- do you have a preferred location for comments/reviews?

    Loving ALL of your stories. Snarlsailward, boobward - all make for delicious reading on a beautiful summer evening.

    Thanks for all your hard work.