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“Tell them I’m your boyfriend.”
Holy shit.
From top to bottom, my body stilled completely.
“Don’t be ri—”
I tilted my head to one side and glared at her, halting the rest of that hated phrase. Tria bit down on her lower lip like she was trying to hold in whatever she wanted to say next by sheer force of her teeth. When she did speak again, I could barely hear her.
“I can’t just…just…”
“Just what?” I asked. I managed to remember my feet were mobile, and I took a step toward her. As I moved forward, Tria took a step backward until she was pressed firmly against the wall.
“I can’t just lie to them!” She looked distressed at the very idea. “Besides being a shitty liar, I can’t act to save my life. I can’t pretend we’re in a relationship when we’re not!”
I moved forward again, and she tried to move back but had nowhere to go. Her heels were pressed against the baseboards, and her fingers touched the pale drywall behind her. In the back of my mind, I realized even when I made the suggestion that she wouldn’t be able to do it. I knew she couldn’t lie. You couldn’t live with someone for a month and not figure that out.
“So don’t lie.”
My skin tingled as if I were on the edge of a storm front. Hell, maybe I was. I could have been standing at the top of a fjord or the edge of the Grand Canyon. I could have been stepping from Apollo 11 onto the surface of the moon.
She didn’t move but stared at me with her eyes widening as I moved closer. Slowly, I placed my hands against the wall on either side of her head. My body angled over the top of hers, and I bent my elbows to bring myself closer to her face.
“What do you mean?” she asked in a choked whisper.
“Don’t lie,” I repeated.
I leaned in closer to her. My gaze drifted from her eyes to her mouth and then back again. I waited for her lips to part to tell me to stop, but all she did was moisten them quickly with her tongue. I brought my head close to hers—almost touching—and paused again. She lowered her eyes to my mouth, her lips parted slightly, and I could see her chest moving faster with her rapid breathing. I didn’t need any further prompting.
I pressed my lips to hers, and everything else in the world ceased to exist.
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