Alarm Teaser: Are you ready to meet Aiden Hunter?

Are you ready for a hot, tattooed dirty-talker? Aiden Hunter will be here soon! Add Alarm to your Goodreads TBR list today!


Alarm Teaser:

“Do you know what I’ve been thinking about all morning?” Aiden whispered against my lips.

“What?” I pressed my mouth against his, tasted his tongue with mine, and let my fingers slide through the short beard on his cheek. He sucked my lower lip into his mouth and then trailed kisses over my chin and down my neck.

“I was thinking about how good it felt sliding my dick into you.” His breath was hot against my throat, but all the skin on my body warmed as he spoke. “I was wondering if you still liked watching my cock move in and out of you, like you did that first time we were together. I was thinking how good you look lying on your back underneath me when I come in you.”

I closed my eyes as he ran his nose up the side of my neck to my ear. My skin tingled as he took my earlobe between his lips and sucked at it gently.

“I’d love to spread your legs and taste you right now,” he whispered. “I want to make your clit sing with my tongue. I want to feel your legs shake as you come all over my face, and then I want to fuck you so hard and so fast you forget your own name.”

Alarm is coming in December!

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