Alarm Teaser!



“Don’t touch me!” I screamed as I pressed my body into the door of the car.

“Please don’t,” Aiden begged. “Please don’t do that, baby. I’m sorry – I’m so fucking sorry! I didn’t mean for you to get caught up in this, I swear. Please, Chloe…”

He gripped my arm again, pulling me away from the door and into the center of the car. I fought against him, screaming and crying. He could have forced me to him, but he didn’t. He let go, and I crawled back to the other side of the car and continued to sob.

“Shh, Chloe, please,” he whispered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”
Over and over again, he whispered those words to me. He reached out and touched my hand, but I pulled away. Mo was calling his name from just outside the car, and when Aiden looked up, Mo shook his head slowly.

“What’s happening?” I finally choked out. “Aiden, what is going on?”

“It’s a long-ass story,” he said. “I didn’t want you tied up in any of this shit. I didn’t even want you to know.”

 Alarm is coming in November, 2014!

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