TGIF! I'm a busy Savage

It's been a little over a year since I left the day job and started writing full time.  Thanks to all of you wonderful people, the first year has been fantastic!  Definitely no regrets, and I plan on keeping up the pace as much as I can!

Right now, I've got several project in the tank.  Be on the lookout for box sets of Surviving Raine and Bastian's Storm and the Evan Arden Trilogy sometime in the near future.  I'm also neck-deep in writing my next book, titled Alarm.  A brand new story about Chloe, a woman trapped in her life of routine, and Aiden, the sexy, tattooed man who encourages her to live her life more on the edge.  But he has secrets, and life is all about risk.  How far will she be willing to go?  Full summary coming soon, and the book should be out in November!

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