Evan Arden Banner Contest!

How about a little help for an artistically-challenged author?  :)

The Savage Trainer is going to accompany me on a couple of the book signings I'm doing this year, and I was trying to come up with something he could sign other than just the books where he's featured on the cover.  So, with nearly 2000 pictures of him on my computer (tihihihi), I figured some "Evan Arden" banners were a great way to go.

I've chosen 4 of my favorite pictures of TST as Evan Arden.  Here's what needs to be on each of the banners:

1. Either Evan Arden, Evan Arden Series, Otherwise Alone, Otherwise Occupied, or Otherwise Unharmed, or a logical combination of any of the above.
2. Shay Savage (or by Shay Savage)
3. A caption, preferably something said by Evan, from one of the books.

Once you decide which picture you would like to use, feel free to email me (shaysavage @ shaysavage.com) for a hi-res copy of the picture.

I'll pick a winner for each of the four pictures, who will receive a paperback copy of Otherwise Unharmed, signed by both me and TST!

Please like and share!  Spread the word!  Thank you all!

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