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I'm just too far behind in writing the next Caged chapter to provide a teaser today.  I'm hoping to get caught up, but I'll be traveling for work Wednesday through Friday, and you just never know what kind of writing time I'll have.  Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less.

Regardless, I wanted to give you a little something today anyway!  So, if you look off to your right, you should see a little poll on top of the small version of my logo.

Option One - Otherwise Occupied Teaser.  A little snippet from the next book in the Evan Arden series.  (Yeah- Series!)  This will not be the the same teaser you might have seen if you are in my Facebook group (18+ only, see below for link if you have Facebook and want to join).

Option Two - I'll post up three summaries from stories I'm considering writing next (after Otherwise Occupied).  These will all be original fiction stories.  No, I'm not going to stop writing fanfiction, I've just already chosen the next E&B story for after Caged and Not What She Seems are complete.

So, voting is open until 5:00pm this evening, Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5 or something like that).  I'll post something up before 9:00pm.

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