Tuesday Teaser - Caged Chapter 30

Can you believe this has hit 30 chapters?  Do you realize that means you've been reading this for more than half a year? That's either dedication or insanity - I'm not sure which.

Sad teaser warning...

Feel free to wait until Friday when you can get it all at once...

The social worker crossed herself before walking away, and Bella walked up to stand before the open part of the casket.  A silent tear fell down her cheek as she reached out and touched Crazy Alice’s cheek.  She sniffed a little and walked away, leaving me alone.

I took a handful of half-shuffled steps until I was in the spot right in front of her.  I looked down at my feet and wondered if they had to replace the carpet in this spot more often than in other places.  How many people had stood here like this, saying goodbye?

My eyes found her face, and my first reaction was that she just didn’t look like herself at all.  She had a bunch of makeup on, which she never wore, and someone had combed her hair down so it lay flat on her face.  I glanced over my shoulder and saw Bella and the social worker talking to the priest.  No one was watching me.

I reach in and tousled her hair all over her head so it looked right.

“That’s better,” I muttered, kind of feeling like an idiot.  I looked around again quickly, but everyone was still engaged in whatever they were talking about, so I turned back to Crazy Alice’s body.

My skin felt all cold and tingly as I stared down at her – unable to look away but hating the sight at the same time.  It was just so…so wrong looking.  She wasn’t supposed to just die like that.  Crazy Alice was a constant.  She was always there – always in the same place doing the same crazy, fucked-up shit.  She belonged on that fire escape stacking cigarette butts and yelling asinine prophecies at people.

It’s how the world was supposed to be.

“You crazy bitch,” I whispered.  “Why’d you go and do this?”


There's been a bit more craziness in my life, but if all stays sane I should be able to get the chapter done and posted on Friday.  I can't make any promises right at the moment - real life is poised to strike.  I'll keep y'all posted with additional...well...posts!

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  1. Dedication, lol!
    Missed your update last night, and this morning, but I know it will come. You're a constant in the Fan Fic realm. But I too know how crazy RL can be so take your time!