Uncle! No Caged this Week

Some times you just have to cry "uncle."

I did a little "soul searching" and realized I'd updated when I was sick, during Dragon Con, when a friend threw her husband out of the house, and when a friend had just passed away (the update was late that night - fucking sue me ;) ).  After overcoming all of that and still posting, I have just been hit way too hard with real life the last couple of weeks, and I haven't been able to spend as much time writing as I normally like to do.  Nothing serious at all, just work and other normal stuff, but at this point I don't even have a teaser ready.

Ultimately, I could start clickety-clacking around right now and probably come up with enough words to call a full-length chapter and toss it over to DK, but it probably wouldn't be very good.  Aside from being wiped out myself, it just isn't much time to get any quality.

So, no Caged update tomorrow.  It was either that or bang something out quickly, and the next part of the story is too important for that.  Like those on the facebook page said, I know you all understand, but I also know you're a little disappointed.  I promise there will be an update next Friday, just like usual.  I'll get a Not What She Seems update out tonight or tomorrow in hope of appeasing everyone. :)

Thanks a lot for your support and understanding!



  1. JulesColes3
    Don't worry about it I rather a really good chapter than a quick one. Hope everything works at well.

  2. You deserve a vacation . Take one and dont feel guilty. You're more reliable than any writer i've ever followed. Relax!

  3. It's fine! We will be wating for the next whenever you are ready. Is your story and I can only thank you for sharing it with us! Hope things go better this week, and if you are still busy no worries! We will still wait :)

  4. Take your time, we can wait :)

  5. I was wondering, but this explains it all. See you next Friday!


  6. When I saw no update this morning I figured if it was "planned" there would be a post over here and if there wasn't anything here I should state to worry that something "bad" happened to you. So glad to see a post and that it's just RL issues. Enjoy your weekend!