Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 14

Happy not Monday any more!  And if it's the day after Monday, it must be time for a Tuesday Teaser!  Here is an amusing little bit from Chapter 14 for all the Dune fans out there.

“I want to go a little further,” she said.  “It’s not far – just up the hill over here a bit.”

“Bella…it’s dark!” I protested as she hauled me through a bunch of pines, over a fallen log, and across some squishy swampy stuff I didn’t want to know about.

Following her deeper into the forest, my eyes adjusted to the lack of light enough to at least see larger bits of fallen trees and rocks before I actually fell over them.  Bella didn’t seem to have any trouble at all, even though we didn’t appear to be following any kind of path or anything.  I made sure I kept a good grip on her fingers because I knew I’d be lost otherwise.  Everything around us looked exactly the same.

Where were the fucking street signs? 

Tree signs. 

Worm sign.


Bella paused abruptly, and I ran right into her back.

“What?” I whisper-cried.  “What is it?  Is it a bear?”

Bella giggled.

“No, it’s a meadow,” she said.

“A what?”

She took a few more steps forward, and the trees around us sunk back into the deeper forest as we emerged into a small clearing filled with tall grasses and the remnants of flowering weeds.  The mood lit up the whole area, and there were all kinds of soft looking moss and plants all over the ground.  The whole place was totally surrounded by trees, and the scene looked like an ambush waiting to happen.

Did bears hunt in packs?

I shuddered.

“Come on, Bella,” I said.  “Let’s go back.”

“In a minute,” she replied.  Her voice was soft and calm, but didn’t make me feel any better.  She walked forward a little before pausing and turning her head in a wide arc to take in the view.

I glanced around and wondered what all else was out here besides bears.  Lions and tigers were pretty unlikely, but I wondered if there were other big cats.  Maybe cougars or mountain lions or something.

Or were those all the same thing?

There might have been other animals around as well, like wolves or coyotes.  Weren’t there certain birds of prey that could be dangerous?  For all I knew, there could even be pumas. 

What the fuck was a puma, anyway?

Edward might be just a bit of a city-boy. :)

If you hadn't noticed, Caged is up on Twlighted now as well.    That's the site where I got my Twilight FF start, so give it some love. :)   Link: Caged on Twlighted

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