Tuesday Teaser, One Day Late!

It is that time again, even if I missed the actual day!  I do plan on posting Tuesday Teasers for Caged, and this week is no exception, I just forgot what day it was yesterday.

And now, Caged Teaser for Chapter 2!

Banner by Raum
“How do you even carry that thing around?” I asked.


“That…that purse-bag-thingy there,” I said, pointing and shaking my finger at it.  I wouldn’t have admitted it, but the whole idea of the thing scared me, and I wasn’t sure why.  I felt like if I got too close to it I might get sucked in, never to be seen again.  “It’s insane.”

Her eyes became little slits as she looked up to me.

“There is nothing wrong with my purse!” she growled.

“It’s huge,” I said.

“It has everything I need in it.”

“It has everything you and ten of your friends could need for a week,” I replied with a laugh.  “I know there are people who carry Chihuahuas in their purse, but you could fit a Dane in there.”

Chapter two posts this Friday at 10pm!

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