Caged Countdown...Four Days Left

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...That's right!  Only four more days until Caged!

Manip By Cosmo Cozmo
Manip by Lolypop

“Hey, man!”  They were all the words I allowed to leave his mouth.

I stepped forward quickly and grabbed the girl by her ponytail.  She cried out again, but I couldn’t pay attention to that as I pulled her face towards my chest and punched out over her head to land three knuckles right against Greasy’s trachea.

He released her arms immediately and clasped at his throat.

by Shay Savage
Coming Friday 13th, 2012

#THOAHORAS: Tattooed Hunk of Ass (THoA – pronounced with a Steele Magnolia’s accent, so it sounds more like the God of Thunder).  Thank you JadaPattinson, Stickybuns, and blondemel47 – the first of the Thoa’s Horas.  Keep that accent up.  Yeah, you get the idea.

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