Release the Kraken!

I have been dying to use that phrase lately.  It just fit.  Now I have to figure out how to work Cthulhu into a story.  Might have to play a little Age of Mythology as well.

My son got all his hair cut off for Locks of Love yesterday.  He's hating the short hair, but I think he looks adorable.  No pictures - he wouldn't hear of it.  He kept threatening to wear a hat all day.

The poor dog fell and looks like he tore a ligament.  Almost certainly means surgery, and the poor thing is just miserable.  He's headed to the vet now for x-rays to confirm. 

Busy week so far, even though I am officially unemployed (I quit my current job and don't start the new one until next Monday) for the time being.  I joined a walking club with Mr. Savage (10 miles per week!  Gah!), so of course it is going to rain all week.  Ha!

I don't know what I'm going to work on today, but I would suspect there will be another Win Some, Lose Some update at some point today.

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