Tuesday Teaser - Tempt My Tongue Chapter 5

Are you ready for a little TMT tease while you await the Transcendence update?

I watch from the tree line in the back of Forks High School as Bella sits on a picnic table near the entrance to the cafeteria.  She is wearing a short sleeved shirt, and I am captivated by the shift of her tendons under her skin as she lifts herself on top of the wooden table and leans back on her arms.  The movement of a few other students, also early to the school yard on this morning, hardly catches my eye.  I am far too focused on her.

The curve of her arm entices me, and I wonder what the inside of her elbow would taste and feel like if I ran the flat part of my tongue over it.  With a contented sigh, she crosses her ankles in front of her, drawing my attention down her long, slender legs.  My hands itch to grab her ankles and part them, inhaling the scent of her sex before I delve into her delectable pussy.  Her hair glimmers in the sunshine, and what might look brown to human eyes shows off its strands of gold, burgundy, red…she is captivating.

Other students pass, but only one catches my attention when he stops near her.  It is not until he speak that I realize who he is.


So...who's the bookie with the odds on Mike's survival?

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