Wow...What a Ride!

Dragon Con is always memorable.  I swear, every year it just gets better and better.  I'm not sure if that is because I keep meeting more people each year, and then have more people the following year to hang out with, or if it's getting to know they people I have known for years just a little bit better each time.

I had a fabulous time with all my suite-roomies this year - Redeye and Mrs. Redeye, of course.  Victor, Chris, I-owe-Savage-a-traffic-cone-Lance, and DJ Julius were a riot.  The Wolfe Brothers added a whole other level of  "you never know what you are going to walk into" to the rooms.  It was a fabulous time.

I really, really loved meeting several of you out there - @zaza724, @TwiFanMom, @angelasolano and @ttharman - I know I'm missing one in here, but still - it was great to meet you all!  Make sure you come back and say hi to me next year!  I've definitely been "outed" to some of my friends (LOL!) but I guess I'll just have to cope.  Actually, Brian just looking at @TwiFanMom and @ttharman, then back to me, and saying "really?" over and over again was pretty funny.

If you went, I hope you had a wonderful time!  If you didn't go, plan on going next year!  Labor Day weekend in Atlanta.  It's worth the trip.  

Here are a couple of pics. :)


Hanging out in the Marriott with a couple crazy friends. :)  Love you two.
 I know too many makeup artists.  You can't really go much of anywhere without something on your face.  Not that I am complaining...

 I'm not exactly sure when/where the "dinosaur roaring pose" got started, but we always seem to end up with a few.  That makes it tradition, right?

 There is no doubt, despite the flightsuit I'm wearing, @angelasolano is the much more dedicated Battlestar Galactica fan.  I have no idea how long she waited in line for that panel, but I hope she got a good seat for her time. :)  Great to meet you!  I'll refrain from mentioning that I was dancing up on stage right next to where Aaron Douglass was MC'ing the Wolf Pack party Friday night... *whistles* 

@TwiFanMom and @ttharman completely floored me by driving from out of town just to come hang out for a couple of hours.  We had came to hang out in the suite for a while and have Pomegranate Martinis (of course).  I hope my friends didn't scare you too badly.  Thanks for going along with the "you're Kathy Johnson?  THE Kathy Johnson?" bit - she didn't buy it, but it was still funny.  :)

Dragon Con Sunday night tradition - balcony party with the Mayhews.  We did have to move from the Hyatt to the Sheridan, but the balcony out there was pretty cool, and the wait staff was excellent.  Always a riot with the lot that shows up there.  We have a good time, no doubt.

And now to start planning for next year!  359 days to Dragon Con 2012!  

Hope to see you there!  


  1. Thank you for sharing Savage!! so glad @zaza724 got to meet you!! xx @MoniNP 

  2. LOL, for an awful moment I thought you had the map of the London Underground painted on your face - which would be really dumb, as you'd have to look in a mirror to see where you want to go and would then end up going in the wrong direction ... ignore me, I'll get me coat!

    So glad you had fun, even gladder (?!) you're back.

  3. Absolutely a BLAST!!!! Loved it, that was the most fun I have had in a  long time and already making plans for next year.....Your friends (suite mates) were great and I enjoyed meeting & hanging out with them as well.....It was an absolute pleasure to meet you & thank you for the martini's....xoxo Teresa