I would post, but...

....FFN is down again. *sigh*

I'll have a chapter or two of CBWR? ready when it comes back up. Chapter 37 is ready, and chapter 38 is close. UC Chapter 20 is also coming along nicely, and I should have a good, juicy teaser ready to post tomorrow.

I'm not going to post any more chapters on the blog, sorry. I know people would like it, but I only have a very limited amount of space on here, so it is what it is. I posted up the one chapter because I felt bad about everyone getting an email notification from FFN but no one could read it. Hopefully, FFN will get its issues worked out today.

Work has calmed down slightly, at least. That's about all I can say.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I hate that FFN is down. I can click on a link to a story from Perv Shack or P.I.C's pages and be able to be transfered to that story, and then look up other stories or authors, but I can't log in. Very fustrating.

  2. FF is driving me crazy...LMAO!

  3. i got 3 alerts for chapter 37 and 4 on 38 ><;

  4. Read Chapter 38. Awesome. Can't wait for more and Tuesday teaser of UC as well. I love you. Did I tell you that?

  5. i got 3 alerts for chapter 37 and 4 on 38 ><;