So, is this weird?

I write sex scenes from the climax backwards. Am I the only one who does that???

The kids have finally left the room...maybe I'll finish this chapter tonight after all!


  1. Here's to hoping the kids stay away! I am very impressed with your writing and have enjoyed every story so far!

  2. so I get the message that there will be a sex scene! that's awesome!!! CAN"T WAIT!!!


  3. LOL! That's very fun to know! Have no idea if you're the only one who does that... I do have to know what kind of climax I'm going to end with - since it determines what leads up to it. So I'd say whether we know we do it or not, more of us do that than might know it.

    And if not... meh. What ever you do works so good, if you said you had to juggle standing on your head, I'd send you a set of balls and a pillow!! ;D