Surviving Bella - Chapter 3 Teaser

Here's a little clip from the next chapter of Surviving Bella, which should post by Wednesday:

“How much water are you supposed to drink?” Bella asked.

“A liter a day will keep you healthy,” I told her. “You can survive on a lot less.”

I looked over to her and took in her tiny little frame.

“You’re going to stick with a full liter as long as we can afford it.”


“You’re too small,” I said, shaking my head, but I felt the corner of my mouth turn up a little. “You’ll dehydrate a lot faster.”

“Is there enough?” she asked.

“For now, yes.”

“If it doesn’t rain again?”

“There are other options.”

She sat looking at her hands in her lap and biting down on her lip.

“You mean like…drinking urine, right?”

I tried to keep myself from laughing out loud, but a bit of a snicker escaped me.

“Only in movies, babe,” I said, shaking my head again. “Urine is about as salty as sea water, and a lot more gross.”


  1. everything looks great Shay! and I really like SB so far! Edward may be a shit, but I like him rough around the edges. He's had a hard life and needs to remember how to interact with people not just use them! I see much potential in this!

  2. Hmmm, now Snarlsailward is calling Bella "babe". Getting friendly, are they?

    Bring on Chapter 3!

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  4. Ican't believe how I'm already addicted to this new story... looking forward for the update