Where do I get my inspirations? That is, where do I get my ideas for stories, parts of stories, etc.? A lot of different places, really. Some of it just seems to randomly float into my head. Sometimes I watch a situation unfold when I'm just people watching, and may use something from that. I do get inspired by music a lot, like many people. Usually I am inspired by a single line or phrase in a song, rather than the entire song itself. Here are a few songs that inspired parts of Hide and Drink.

Kathy's Song by Apoptygma Berserk

Dark Angel by VNV Nation

This one goes with the Desperation and Despair chapter with Edward on the beach.
Ohne Dich (Without You) by Rammstein
German and English lyrics

Warning - this song makes me cry, and I don't cry at much of anything.
Moments of Tranquility by Apoptygma Berserk

That's all I got for now. Working on Chapter 26 while Chapter 25 is in Beta (yes, still backlogged). Hang in there!


  1. Weekend without Hide and Drink was a lost. Good thing there was MTV Movie awards with cuteness of Kristen and Rob, so that helped me get through it. But I am still eagerly waiting for Chapter 25 :)

  2. You like Rammstein? That's so cool!

  3. You like Rammstein? That's so cool!